Milton Buzzard MCC
Milton Buzzard MCC


The purpose of the club is to provide a facility to cater for the needs of club members who wish to partake in the sport of Motor Cycle Trials.

To also provide a practice facility which is designed to cater for riders of all abilities from complete beginner to expert rider.

To organize and run a regular series of competitions throughout the year for members or associated members to compete in and for the general public to watch the sport of trials riding.

To provide training on a regular basis for members to either introduce them to the sport or gain more experience in the sport, both as a competitor and as an organiser/ official.

The club is run under the auspices of the Auto Cycle Union (the governing body for all motorcycling sport in the UK).

To provide a forum where club members can interact with other members to gain support advice or practical tips on how to improve their riding abilities.

Constitution of the club (in brief)

The club has it’s own rules and these shall be made known to every member before they join and that member shall agree to abide by those rules. When you click on the membership page of this web site the rules are there for you to read and agree to.

The elected committee shall meet regularly and an AGM shall be held every year for all members to attend.

Training and Youth policy

It has always been the policy of the club to encourage training and to be open to anyone of any age. Members are not permitted to compete in organized competitions until they are at least 6 years old, but provided they are accompanied by a parent or Guardian training can be undertaken at any age.

The club will organize regular training days for members and has a Bursary scheme in place already to assist youth riders financially with any training requirements they may need. If you know of a club member that would gain from a grant in order to help them progress in the sport, please contact the committee and put a name forward.

Links with other local organizations

We have been in contact with several other organizations locally and can see many advantages in using the practice ground to assist these organizations with their goals.

We have found a need for a facility for Bike trials in the area and we welcome riders who pedal to join our club. 


Our location:

Mount Farm Trials Park

Milton Keynes


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