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When you can ride

Once you're a club member, you can opt to pay a £30 deposit and then you get your own set of keys and then you can ride whenever you like. The club is open 365 days a year.


The only real provisos/exceptions to that (which are stated in the membership rules) are as follows:


- You can't ride alone, there has to be another "Responsible person" (adult) present, essentially to call an ambulance if you get injured. This is a requirement from the club's insurance.


- You also can't (freeride) on competition days, though if a competition is happening in the morning, you ought to usually be ok to ride once the comp is done (e.g. in the afternoon).


- Members are also only permitted to ride during daylight hours, since trials bikes don't generally have lights.


So that means if you have a friend or partner who's happy to accompany you, and you've got a key...then you're good to go whenever :-)


Finding people to ride with used to be a bit of an issue, but now we have a thriving whatsapp group with 70+ people in it so finding someone to ride with isn't really a problem anymore.


There's also certain times which seem to just be popular - like "Thursday club" - for reasons nobody really planned, thursdays seem to be great for riding, with there normally being a "thursday morning club" as well as a "thrusday evening club" (though generally that's more in the summer.


Weekends also tend to be busy but it's still worth checking on the group when folks will be there.


If you're a new member (or even an existing member) and want to be added to the group please email Mark at and he'll help you get set up :-)


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Mount Farm Trials Park

Milton Keynes


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