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How trials scoring works

(and how to use the scoring to your advantage)



I'd done 2 trials before I realised that I actually didn't understand at all how the scoring really worked, nevermind how to use the points system tactically to my advantage.


It was only when I had a go at observing that the finer points (and not so finer points) of it became fully clear.


I would strongly recommend any newcomers to volunteer to observe at a trial. It felt a bit weird judging other much more skilled riders on something I couldn't do myself but I learnt SO much from watching the other riders.


Either way - after observing one trial I figured I'd try to have a go at the section myself and filmed myself doing so. The first hour or two was me mostly dragging/waddling the bike over the section but eventually (and with a little guidance) started to be able to make it across.


I was filming it just to monitor/review my own progress, not to make a scoring video but as it turned out, someone doing a section over and over and messing it up in a variety of interesting ways was actually kinda useful to demo how the scoring works. So here it is...Please don't judge too harshly ;)



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